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oleh : B.B. Triatmoko, S.J.

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Like in the quiet early hours of the morning, when the dew covers the ground and soaks it, making it nutritiously rich for growth, the soul of man searches, amidst his misty consciousness, the reason why he was born on earth. Every person is searching for peace and harmony, because they are missing in his life. The insecurity of one’s self contaminates to other people, to the environment, so that disharmony exists. Sufferring is born out of hatred and anger. Life becomes a burden. How can we restore peace again? How can we live in peace with ourselves, maintain this harmony in our surroundings, so that other people can also experience peaceful lives? DEWFALL invites us to go back to our inner soul and experience reality of ourselves as they are, to see with our own inner eyes the truth so that we can regain peace. Every person searching for peace and truth shall undergo these seven stages of purification: purification of Mind, purification of Feelings, purification of Heart, Stillness, Freedom of Soul and Self-Sacrifice, then Enlightenment. These stages are open to everyone. Blessed are those who decide to engage the journey.
ISBN 978-979-21-4057-6
Pengarang B.B. Triatmoko, S.J.
Terbit 2014
Halaman 176
Berat 120
Dimensi 120x180