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The Use of Social Media in Indonesia's 2014 Presidential Election

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The power of the social media lies in its ability to provide two-way communication with potential young voters and to create, link and penetrate into distant communities that would altogether be impossible with conventional media such as radios, televisions, newspapers and magazines. The accessibility of social media aids in rapidly, effectively and efficiently delivering political campaign messages across time and space. Through their political participation via social media, potential young voters received legitimacy and obtained new meaning, identity and purpose to their sense of citizenship to the republic. As the new era of virtual political communication dawns, it is important to note the influence which social media has in shaping voters’ perceptions and the political processes. This book highlights the forms, functions and relevance of social media used during Indonesia’s 2014 presidential campaign. Through the interesting stories, facts and statistics depicted in the book, readers are able to appreciate the use of social media in today’s face paced and ever-changing world of political communication.
ISBN 978-979-21-5236-4
Terbit 2018
Halaman 114
Berat 150
Dimensi 148 x 210