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Competitiveness Of Rice Production In Thailand

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Thailand is one country which is known for its good agricultural product. The country has a natural advantage with fertile agricultural land especially in the Chao Phraya River Delta. Rice is the main agricultural crop. It is not surprising that the nation is one of the largest rice exporters in the world. Indeed, agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables are also able to penetrate the world market. Along with the development of the agricultural sector in various agricultural countries nowadays, Thailand should strive to maintain or enhance its agricultural product competitiveness. By taking Suphan Buri Province as the research location, the arguments constructed in this study include the importance of increasing agricultural products competitiveness, especially rice by developing the role of research centers. Not to mention expanding access for farmers to obtain agricultural input, and having good post-harvest management. Social and economic disciplines are used to provide a comprehensive understanding of the rice production competitiveness in Thailand.
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