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Settling Down The Struggles of Migrant Workers to Adapt

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The term migrant worker conveys a certain sense of mobility which often disguises the fact that many of them actually spend most of their time being grounded in one locality, either in the country of destination or in the home country when they return. In the countries of destination, a big number of migrant workers continously extend their stay through either regular or irregular means. Their employment status may be precarious but their continous presence in the country makes them practically members of the population, even if only temporarily, with all the consequences. Most migrant workers, however, will eventually return to their home countries. After being away for a long duration of time, going home is not as simple as commuting back from work in the office. It often entails labourious processes of economic, social and cultural reintegration. This book brings together stories and analyses of migrant workers, who struggle to settle down, from six different countries in Asia Pacific. This is the second book that has come out of the collaborative work of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific Migration Network.
ISBN 978-979-21-5476-4
Terbit 2018
Halaman 160
Berat 205
Dimensi 148x210